Magic or Die – J.P. Jackson

magic or die

(I thank Netgalley and NineStar Press, LLC for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)

« Magic or die » was a good read, with some interesting developments magical superpower wise. This part was great and well done. I also really appreciated that the students were all together and not bickering and demoralizing one another. The romance was sweet, even if it was a nearly instalove story (more insta-lust and insta-friendship story) with a little too much « cuteness » and « furryness » for sure!
The story is a neat situation of good guys against bad guys, but without any unduly simplifications.
The main part is rather homogeneous, without much developments, but an easy and interested read. The atmosphere was strong and the characters believable in their otherness mixed with everyday-people-ness.
The end was a bit ackwark: the story should maybe have stop a little earlier. There are some absurd decisions (stay put when they should run, go in a very dangerous place without any real need instead of staying put) just to introduce the sequel – a shame.

A book I recommend for readers who love super powers mixed with learning, and appreciate strong and healthy relationships between people solid in adversity.

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