Battlestar Suberbia -Chris McCrudden

I’m in two minds about this book. In a way it was very entertaining, with interesting characters, a story well developed with plenty of action, mysteries and revelations. The author has worked a lot to imagine the background, which comes with many details, quite funny, for a very coherent whole – but, alas, not a coherent world.
When I began the book I was ready for advanced machines, overwhelming and terrifying, « The Matrix »- like. But not all. The machines are all powerful, but are looking like our actual devices (smartphone, motorcycle, hair-dryer, you name it), with a very advanced mind, and some legs, arms, etc. They speak, they move but still have the need to recharge their batteries. No magic here. The descriptions are very good, quite entertaining, for a very cartoonish effect. The humans are now a sub-class, nearly slaves. The have one only job, cleaning. Nothing else. Some are intimately cleaning the machines, who loved human touch, in what are clearly brothels. Those low jobs are considered like prostitution in a rather weird but convincing way with, again funny and imaginative stageplay.
So far so good.
My problem was with the narration’s tonality: for such a crazy theme, the tone was rather serious, dystopian even. It wasn’t a goofy what’s-the-hell kind of book, wrote with off-beat humour and a laid back style. It was earnest. And the whole sounded dissonant to my ears. I was frequently snatched from my read, wondering about some background holes: where the energy comes from? and the food? and all the human necessities?

To conclude a well thought story, quite entertaining with endearing characters and some very inventive ideas, but with a lack of logic which prevented me to really approve my read. A shame…

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