When Summer Ends – Jessica Pennington



After a good beginning this book was a deception. I couldn’t even finish it properly and skimmed throught the last twenty per cent.
I really liked the premises, liked the ideas, liked what the characters were about to be. But the more and more I  read, the more baffled I was. The story, if a bit slow, was interesting – or should have been. What was happening?

To be sure I was rather annoyed by the very rapid changes of point of view (not every chapter but every few pages, every paragraph sometimes even). I don’t think this to be a good option for writing romance: as the reader usually knows how the story is going to end, romance wise, it’s important to keep some tension, some mystery. If you always know what each character is thinking at every moment of the story, the result is rather flat. A bit boring and lacking in emotions.
But still the story was promising and I decided that I could carry on regardless this (in my opinion) narrative flaw.

But the more as read, the more annoyed and bored I became. I had to ponder quite a lot to understand why this story that I appreciate quite a lot at first lost me in the long run, so harshly that I couldn’t even force me to read the book to its end.

Then I suddenly realised what the problem was: at three quarter of the book I still hadn’t meet the characters. Aiden and Olivia had exactly the same voice. Each time I picked up my Kindle I couldn’t say who was speaking, even after a whole page, sometimes. And sadly I never heard a teenager voice, but only the author voice. As if I was reading her notes but not the polished final book.
That’s when I decided to stop reading and just skimmed sadly to the end of the book.
Clearly Jessica Pennington is not a writer for me…

(I thank Netgalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)


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