The Place Inside the Storm – Bradley W. Wright

the place inside the storm

3,5 stars / 5

This book was pleasant to read, rather serious in its themes but never boring.
The context was easy to grasp, a near futur, semi post-apocalyptic, semi dystopic. I just frequently wondered why the author had decided to set his story in such a near future, as such scientifically advanced technologies could never be developed in two decades from now on, especially during such dire times!
(Still, the robot-cat was great, not funny but realistic and clever).

One of the strong points was the great characterisation of autism, Asperger particularly, for all its particularities. The moral, in general, is that everybody should be able to be free to be what they are, and that each one of us has special qualities that should be nurtured and used for their advantage, but also for the whole community’s benefit. And also if someone tries to oppress you, even for your one good, even people who love you, you still should believe in yourself and trust your own jugement to make the right decision for you and your future. All that is exposed without any exaggeration or teenage angst, every decision made by the heroin is pondered on afterwards, she never forgets to considered all the possibilities and all the consequences of her decisions.

A rather entertaining book, not spectacular, but wise and educational, not in a moralistic point of view but in an intelligent one.

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