The impossible contract – K.A Doore

the impossible contract

The first book of the series, « The perfect assassin » was one of my best last reads, and I was rather sure to love the sequel as much.
Alas it wasn’t the case…
The world building is always as interesting and well conveying all the sensations, in a coherent and credible atmosphere. The writing, for most parts, is still very good. But my problem was with the characters.
If the unpleasant one, Heru, is interesting and rather endearing in a Rogue kind of way, the heroine, Thana, isn’t. She’s a two dimensional character, boring and not very clever, without any appealing flaws to made for it. She’s young, obsessed with her calling (being an assassin, she has none of the intelligent and wise doubts that Amastan had in the first book) and doesn’t evolve much. The third main character, Mo, isn’t more interesting. She’s a kind and thoughtful healer, and sexy to Thana’s eyes, that all we’re going to get. As a result the romance is flat and dull, not touching at all.
I tried to read on for the story itself, but I had to give up and about 75 %, realising that if I wasn’t excited by the story’s developments at this point, the book wasn’t just for me.

A shame, but if you liked « The perfect assassin », you should absolutely try and read this one, as I seem to be the only disgruntled by the characters’ psychology or, more accurately, the lack off it.

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