The Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison

I was very enthusiastic about this sequel, which I decided to buy and read a long time ago. I was thrilled to receive this read by Netgalley! Thrilled and a little scared: when one loves so much a read as I loved the first book in the series, « The Goblin Emperor », one is also worried about loving less the sequel.

Anyway, undeterred by the risks, I decided to treat me with a reread of « The goblin emperor » first. It was as good as in my memory. Then, immediately, I began reading this one.

For one or two chapters I was a little disoriented, as the narration is different, the author using the first person this time. Then, even if I knew beforehand that the story wouldn’t evolve around Maia, I took some time to admit that he wouldn’t be the main character of the book and, even more, not a second character either.

Still Maia’s influence remains, as the main theme of the book, through the twists and turns of the story, is the redemption of the narrator, Thara. Depressed and self-loathing, he will learn to realise what troubles him deeply and then to forgive himself for feeling the contradictory feelings he feels, to appreciate life again, to allow himself to live and maybe even, be happy again. The first step of this redemption was clearly his relationship with Maia, and the opportunity the latter gave him to be useful, using his talent and calling again, for a good and even great cause.

If the background of the story is clearly psychological, the story in itself is engaging and fun, a mysteries story, a mix of Agatha Christie and comedy of manners, with a pinch of ghouls.

Yes, ghouls! Awesome!

I thought really interesting Thara’s status, half forensic detective and half magical priest. In fact, the story was too short to my taste, I would have loved to read much more! But then it was always the case with the author’s books I read so far, she writes wonderfully, with incredibly vivid and touching characters and a story which just roll out under the reader eyes as the most lustrous carpet ever…

I hope for many sequels now!

(I thank Netgalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)

2 réflexions sur “The Witness for the Dead – Katherine Addison

    1. helenelouisechimere

      Absolutely! But as the book is written at the first person, we have all book long Thara’s point of view. And he thinks that what he felt, and have done, is wrong and that he doesn’t merit respect or love anymore. In the end, what good people think of us isn’t enough if we aren’t at peace with oneself…


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