It ends with us – Colleen Hoover


It’s not a bad read by no means, but I’m afraid I can’t enjoy this kind of story anymore. I stopped at the half. A mix of good things, authenticity and good dialogues, but also clichés and stereotypes – I don’t have the patience nowadays.
(Ah. Sexe scenes bore me to death too ^-^)
The best parts were those from the past. A sad story and one the author seems to know well, reading her first note. But if some points are very precise and coherent, some others are off-handly: people who speak so naturally just after meeting for the first time (Lily and Ryle but also Lily and his sister), Lily’s flowers which seem to magically appear in her shop, business which takes off like a rocket (of course), the unbearably stupid love story of Ryle’s sister and her husband, etc.

Why clever writers so rarely take pains to be perfectionist with their stories which happen to be also romances? Because no one cares but me? Yes that’s probably the answer, I should just shut up and re (rerererere) read my Jane Austen’s and Victoria Clayton’s books ^-^

Before ending my raving review, one last point which annoyed me particularly: Ryle is (soooo) sexy because he’s a neurosurgeon. Because he saves lives? because he’s hard working and brilliant? because he’ll be rich one day?
No. Because… scrubs are sexy!!
So stupid and insulting.
By the way scrubs are used to be clean at work, not to bring back germs in the hospital. So, if Ryle put some on at home, before going at work, he’ll must change to fresh ones (sterile ones he’s a neurosurgeon!!) once in the hospital. In real live ? I guess that people who work in hospitals just put some normal and comfortable clothes to get to work.
Just to say.

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