The ABC murders – Agatha Christie


This mystery was particularly interesting and arresting. I was happy to quickly have my own suspicions; but to be honest, I must have read this book a long tome ago, and if I didn’t remember one think about it, it’s probable that I was involuntary marked by the main idea at the time.

The first part wasn’t the best, Hastings annoyed me. I’m wondering about the possibility that Agatha Christie didn’t like him much at all! Quite surprising as he’s the narrator but not impossible…

The author may have amused herself by inventing a classic English man, not unkind or stupid but less clever than he believes, and frequently prejudiced – which in itself is a good proof of lack of intelligence. He’s always surprised but never humbled each time Poirot establishes his superiority of mind. He never learns from his mistakes, and keeps a high opinion about himself. His attitude towards women, if not definitely offensive, is another proof of his narrow-mindedness. There are the old and plain women, whom don’t concern him, and the young and pretty ones, whom he likes.  He never alludes to any woman possible intelligence, as Poirot frequently does. In fact, he doesn’t seems to have any use of feminine intelligence – even if he tells, in the beginning of the story,  they he left care of his home in South Africa to his wife, to come in England for a few months to settle some investments. His wife must be clever, even if he doesn’t consciously realise anything about it!

I believe that Agatha Christie liked being mean with Hastings, taking revenche, perhaps, on all men whom must have scorn her wits and abilities, or of  any woman’s, during her life…

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