Death’s Dancer -Jasmine Silvera

I could have lover this story but in the end I just rather liked it which is a shame…
The good points were plentiful, my reservations are more about technique.

I loved the heroine, her personality, her relationship with her passion and job – dancing. Frequently when a character have such a passion (sport, music, art…) it’s just used for the narrative but easily forget when the author doesn’t need it. In this book the subject is thoroughly exposed, we are never to forget the importance of dancing for Isela.
I also like how we understand how she looks like without any use of labels.

The story was original and could have been fascinating, alas the reading was a little of flat for me…
I thought about it and concluded about three points which irked me.

The first one is the love interest: he’s very caricatural.
I understand that it’s voluntary, the writer use a sterotype to show how her pragmatic and sensible heroine reacts. She also takes the trouble to explain how his longevity impacted upon his psychology. But in the end it wasn’t enough for me, he still was very cliched and not very interesting…

Another problem I had was with the secondary characters: they were, for most of them (especially the besties and the family members, the team members were great) introduced much too quickly. I couldn’t feel anything about the best friends, who seemed to be there just for show and didn’t understand why we had to learn so much about her brothers’ wives. Well, I did, afterwards, but while reading the first family reunion it was rather boring. In a way I felt that I would have liked to read a prequel of this story, where the family and friends would have been probably introduced with plenty of show don’t tell instead of these very quick presentations…

The world building, if interesting, was sometimes a bit fuzzy. For instance when Isela learns the incredible facts about her family she didn’t seemed very surprised… But she should have been flabbergasted! So I wondered, maybe she wasn’t much surprised because these particularities are mundane in this alternative world? And speaking about that, what is strange for her and what isn’t ? What else have I missed?

Well, I quibble a lot because I was frustrated by my reading and because I am such a quibbler! But if you like inventive and personal urban fantasy, with a likeable and able female main character, you should definitely read this book which has many qualities!

(I thank Netgalley and No Inside Voice for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)

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