The quantum Garden – Derek Künsken

the quantum garden

I loved the first book of the series; even if I found difficult to read the few passages about quantum people, they were necessary for the plot, and I didn’t mind them. The rest made for it, easily.

Alas my feelings while reading the beginning of this second book (I’ve read a quarter of it before deciding to give up) were bad. I had the impression that I was reading a fan-fiction wrote by someone who has been, contrary to me, fascinated by the quantum parts in the first book. For about 20 % of the book, all the writing is about quantum brains, homo quantus, quantum fugue, fugue fever, over, over and over. There is a development, a huge one even, but the story was so boring for me! The characters, the quantum ones, are all the same person, with one and unique personality, even if they don’t make the same decision facing a tragedy, they didn’t seem different people. No nuance, just endless dwelling about homo quantus particularities.
Then I had a short part with plenty of names, which drown me a little more. Then I had a part with the Tribe of the Mongrel, and I thought ‘hurrah, one of my favorites!’ – but no, still unconvincing…

To conclude, if you loved the first book of the series you should absolutely check this one as every body seem to love it as much. But be ready to swallow a huge quantum bite before anything else!
For myself I’ll try it again in a while, maybe skimming a bit at the beginning (I even had bought the paper book :/) but for now, a disappointment…

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