Sour Fruit – Eli Allison


I was very curious about this book and haven’t been disappointed. The dystopian context is interesting and very well outlined by the story: absolutely no infodump, the immersion is immediate and the comprehension gradual.

As a result the first 20% were easy to read but I had the feeling of a nightmare. Then gradually the world begins to unfurl and clear up, till the end, where nearly all the mysteries are unraveled (we even find about Onion’s real name!), leaving just enough suspense for future developments.

The characters are quite good, the mad ones as much as the main characters, which are all likeable, despite or because of their flaws. Their psychologies are well nuanced and credible in the context, especially the heroin’ s ones. Onion is frequently rude and injust, even cruel, but the circumstances are so dire that her reactions are quite understandable, and it’s easy to feel for her.

The narration is fluid and not difficult to follow, despite the absence of chapter. I had more difficulties with the vocabulary, loading with slang (hello Kindle dictionary!) and sometimes with sentences I didn’t understand while understanding every word. But English isn’t my first language and some books can sometimes be challenging…

The story has a lot of personality and a very strong atmosphere. It’s also dark and nearly desperate and, if never gratuitous – the world imagined, in a not so far futur, is unjust and terrible – rather too oppressive for me. I appreciate my reading but the end of the book was a bit difficult. But I wasn’t surprised, I knew that this kind of story is always hard for me to swallow! And the end was great, interesting and surprising.

A very good read, with a lot of personality, a graphic atmosphere and good characters, a book I strongly recommend to any reader intrigued by its synopsis.

(I thank Netgalley an Unbound Digital for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)


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