The Court of Mortals – A.J. Lancaster

the court of mortals

A problem you have, when you’ve read so much since an early age as I have, is that you get more and more demanding for the books you read. I generally don’t complain, as I have quite a good technique to chose my reads, but I sadly had to say good-bye to some of my favourite genres, as romance and social comedy. I still love to reread my most cherished authors (as Jane Austen, Victoria Clayton, Rainbow Rowell and some others great YA writers) but in most of modern books? I usually give them a large berth, out of fear of being disappointed.

By chance I discovered the Stariel series a year ago, seduced by the beautiful cover and the well-phrased description. It’d been a huge favourite since the very beginning (what French readers call a « coup de cœur ») and still is after having read the first book three times and the second twice. The mix between fantasy, social comedy, family story and romance is perfect: clever, entertaining, heart-warming and original! A real treat, a wonder, a miracle…

(See my review of « Lord of Stariel » and « The Prince of Secrets« )

If you loved as I did the first two books you’ll appreciate « The court of Mortals » as much. The plot is very satisfying, the characters’ developments are faultless, the romance is always as good as it was (the trick used to make it slow is quite shrewd!) the romantic (or not? ^-^) banter is delicious, the dialogues are superb (think Rainbow Rowell) and, icing on the cake, the secondary characters are well in the spotlight.

A fantastic read, I can’t wait for the next one which will be, alas, the last one of Stariel’s books…
I’m all in favour for some many spin-off! 🙂

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