One Day All This Will Be Yours – Adrian Tchaikovsky

As usual with the author this read was fun and enjoyable. The main character is clearly a sociopath (I couldn’t help thinking of Billie Butcher in « The Boys » series!) but interesting to follow.
I really loved how the context unfold slowly, with hints that take all their full importance and reality by afterthought (Miffly!).
The global reflexion about the limitations and repercussions that would have travel machines, if they did exist, is really interesting, particularly in the way it would dehumanized people for the time-travellers and, of course the travellers themselves, would couldn’t stay sane, eventually.
I appreciated less the second part, as the narrator became more and more unpleasant, as we plainly realise how completely amoral he has become (had to become). The tête-à-tête « game », supposedly funny, made me somewhat uncomfortable, as this kind of toxic relationship always does (well, to be honest, toxic in a romance story, there it’s plainly to be taken with a pinch – a ladleful – of salt ^-^).
The end is good, I wouldn’t have seen it coming.

All in all a good read for me, but not a very good one, probably because I never feel that mixing very serious reflexion (about time travel there, the author has clearly given much thought about the theory of it) and this kind of tone, irreverent, sardonic and over the top, really mixed well.

(I thank Netgalley and Solaris for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)

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