We Shall Sing a Song Into the Deep – Andrew Kelly Stewart

I really liked the beginning of the story, with its strong atmosphere and original setting. While reading I felt more and more oppressed, which wasn’t surprising for a dystopian « huit-clos » in a nuclear submarine. The story is interesting, and the development is quite good for the first part, as we learn more and more about Remy, the whole situation, the context.

Alas I found very difficult to finish this novella, even as short as it is. I felt the story dragging and a bit repetitive, even in full action. I felt uncomfortable, and of course it’s not supposed to be a feel good story, and all in all it’s not unduly dark or intolerable in any ways. It probably wasn’t the right time to me to read this story, a case of « it’s not you, novella, but me ». Still, the end was a deception, the author uses a rather classical way of finishing its story which I never liked, with many questions unanswered, in a vague way.

So rather a deception for me but probably not a reason not to read for anybody who’s inspired by the presentation, as the story has many qualities.


(I thank Netgalley and Macmillan-Tor/Forge for sending me the ARC in exchange for my honest review)

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